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 FASD Diagnostic Guidelines

FASD: Strategies not Solutions available free from:

Rethink Your Drinking

FASD Podcast: A Guideline for Diagnosis across the Lifespan December 14th, 2015

Hamilton FASD Support Group:

Dr. Ross Green “The Explosive Child” Book 5th Generation (Chapters)

Jeff Noble

Ontario Disability Support Act, ACSD (Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities) to get applications, monthly income.  119 King Street West 3rd floor, Hamilton, 905-521-7456 or 905-521-7691 f.905-521-7337

T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate You can go back ten years on your income tax refund.  Needs to be renewed every ten years.

Access2Card  Allows a caregiver or respite worker to take your child with a disability to a movie and only pay for your child.

Contact Hamilton: Coordinates all the services you will need in Hamilton, 140 King Street East, Suite 4 Hamilton, ON L8N 1B2 p: 905-522-3304 f. 905-522-5998

Please view: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Provincial Round Table Report 

Supporting Success for Adults with FASD – created by Community Living B.C.  Supporting-Success-for-Adults-with-FASD

Five Ways to Support Siblings in Special Needs Families – publication by Child Mind (the info is intended for all special needs families and not specific to FASD – however it provides some good info, and reminders, well worth reading!)  how-to support-siblings-special-needs-families Info on FASD Diagnosis process and Info on obtaining a FASD diagnosis – info links have been added to our support website
Info on obtaining Respite Services (respite providers, place provider search request, info to obtain respite funding, etc) Summer Camps and the SailAble programclick here to be redirected

Report on Supportive Housing Opportunities for Adults with FASD
Public Health general website on FASD
Canada Northwest research partnership on FASD Lutherwood FAS world resources
Recreation opportunity
Canadian Bar Associations Resolutions with respect to Justice issues and FASD
Dr. G. Koren’s response to Australian Study regarding moderate alcohol consumption in pregnancy
Health Canada First nations, Inuit and Aboriginal Health
Canadian Association of Pediatric Health Centres
Ontario Stakeholders on FASD